OKKASTYLE OÜ data protection conditions

Controller: OKKASTYLE OÜ, registry code 12781971, address Metsa tn 5a, Põlva city, Põlva parish, Põlva county, 63305, support@okka.eu phone: +372 523 8521

OKKA highly values ​​your privacy and hereby gives you an overview of how OKKA processes your personal data. If, after reading the overview below, you have any additional questions regarding OKKA's processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at support@okka.eu.

Purpose of personal data processing:

OKKA processes your personal data in compliance with the purpose limitation. This means that OKKA collects personal data for specified and legitimate purposes and does not process the collected data in a way that conflicts with these purposes. The purposes of personal data processing are as follows: sale, transport and installation of products; management and development of customer relations, including cultivating a loyalty program; maintaining and developing cooperative relations; settlement of claims; direct marketing and other marketing activities, including the transmission of advertising and offers and the performance of online analysis; ensuring information security; archiving; fulfillment of obligations arising from the law.

Legal basis for processing personal data: OKKA follows the principle of legality when processing personal data. This means that OKKA processes personal data if there is a legal basis for processing. OKKA processes your personal data based on one or more of the following legal bases: performance of a contract; OKKA's legitimate interest; fulfillment of the obligation arising from the law; Your consent.

In order to fulfill the contract, OKKA needs to process your personal data. Keeping in mind the goal of processing personal data only to the extent necessary, we process only those personal data that are needed to fulfill a specific contract.

OKKA also processes personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. OKKA's legitimate interest is first and foremost the improvement and development of its service, product selection and products, loyalty program, e-environment and both customer and cooperation relations. At the same time, it is necessary to resolve disputes arising from service provision and submitted claims. When processing personal data on the basis of legitimate interest, OKKA has in mind the principle of minimality, which means that OKKA only processes relevant personal data based on the specific purpose of processing.

OKKA must also process your personal data to fulfill obligations arising from the law. This means that the processing of your personal data is not a wish of OKKA, but an obligation that directly results from some legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

With your consent, OKKA also processes personal data. The foregoing is primarily for direct marketing and marketing, customer, partnership and loyalty program management purposes. OKKA emphasizes here that you can always withdraw your consent. In this case, OKKA will no longer process personal data with your consent. Withdrawal of consent does not have retroactive effect. Thus, the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously carried out.

Types of personal data: OKKA has mapped the personal data that is processed by OKKA for the purposes mentioned above and on the described legal basis. Examples of such personal data are: name; gender; personal identification number; e-mail; contact address; delivery address; telephone; purchase history; Bank account number; information about payment methods; definition of interest in participating in the loyalty program; order information; information about participation in a marketing event; social media account and social media usage data that the person has published; a photo of the person and the objects and products in the photo; OKKA website traffic statistics; special types of personal data, the collection of which is not the purpose of OKKA, but which OKKA may become aware of within the framework of a customer or cooperation relationship; other personal data that OKKA does not collect for its purpose, but which may become known through OKKA's various communication methods.

Origin of personal data: We obtain the personal data described above in various legal ways. We receive data from you as a data subject; From your employer or service provider or cooperation partner; from public sources such as the business register, the land register.

Categories of recipients: In addition to OKKA, your personal data, which is processed by OKKA as the controller, may also be processed by OKKA's authorized processors. Such persons are mainly providers of services supporting OKKA's activities, with whom OKKA has entered into data processing agreements. Such services are: e-mail, website and server management; software development and provision of customer management and sales software; It support; marketing; accounting; transport and courier; debt collection; legal advice; banking; telecom; photography; website traffic monitoring; architect and designer services. OKKA transmits the personal data necessary for making payments made in the OKKA e-shop at okka.eu to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

In addition to the above, OKKA is obliged in certain cases to transfer your data to national registers and databases and national institutions.

OKKA also informs that, in order to fulfill marketing and statistical purposes, the traffic on OKKA's website is monitored by a third party, and thus the website may contain references to third-party pages (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel), to which activities the data protection conditions of these specific parties already apply.

Personal data storage period: OKKA follows the principle of storage limitation in its activities. This means that OKKA keeps your personal data only as long as it is legally justified. OKKA stores your personal data based on the purpose and legal basis of their processing. Taking into account the obligations and requirements for the storage of personal data arising from various forms of relationship as well as legislation, it is not possible to exhaustively list the periods of storage of personal data. Notwithstanding the above, OKKA here gives examples of personal data retention periods, which cannot be considered as an exhaustive list: data related to contract performance, including pre-contract negotiations - up to 10 years; personal data processed on the basis of legitimate interest - up to 10 years or until the request to withdraw from the service or information or the publication of a justified request for deletion; personal data processed on the basis of consent - up to 10 years, taking into account the validity of the consent; personal data processed on the basis of the law, including financial data - up to 7 years.

Rights of the data subject: In order to ensure the transparency and legality of the processing of your personal data, OKKA hereby informs you of your rights regarding the processing of personal data by OKKA. You have the right to request OKKA access to your personal data. You also have the right to request correction or deletion of OKKA's personal data or restriction of processing of personal data. In addition to the above, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data. You can exercise all of these rights based on the conditions set out in the relevant regulation. In addition to the above, you can contact the Data Protection Inspectorate or the court to protect your rights.