Inspiration from Nature

The miraculous silence and peace in Estonian pine forests is extraordinary. It is the thick layer of pine needles, which softens your steps and absorbs the noise. Quite a few have had the dream to be able to take this piece of peace from nature along with them and put it up either in their home or office. Okka makes it possible – pine needles, which have been considered as useless side product of the forestry, have become an element of interior design and soul of the acoustics inspired by nature. Anyone can put up a soothing wall panel of the Nordic nature.

Natural and


Okka has a goal to offer people the opportunity to rest from the surrounding everyday noises. To make that happen, we manufacture environmentally friendly decorative and acoustic panels that offer peace for your eyes and hearing senses.

Okka appreciates simplicity, sustainability, quality and design. We see the world and product design as an organic whole, where everything is connected, where each needle falls into place in order to create a complete set.


Through all of our activities, we consider that literally none of the pine needles would have to go to waste in the forests. Usually as the forest is being worked up, the needles stay uselessly to moulder, but we are creating an additional value for the pine needles.

The needles, which are used in the panels, come from the State Forest Management Centre sustainably managed forests. Moreover, they have been plucked by the Maarja Village inhabitants – young people with intellectual disabilities – for a fair reward, for whom it is both, a therapy and a way of feeling useful.

Quality Craftsmanship

The acoustic and decorative Okka panel is manufactured in a southern Estonian workshop under the guidance of the best masters. This is the place where unique craftsmanship and natural materials are combined – pine needles, lamb felt, linen materials, wood, natural adhesive and colors. Each panel is extraordinary and unique, and will always carry a comprehensive peace of the nature and the soul of the master.



Unique design

Okka wall panel with its natural ease, fits naturally into the existing interior. Okka is suitable for home and office, for small and bigger spaces. As a result, you get a warmer and more personalized interior. And what is at least as important, is that the constant ambient noise has been reduced significantly.

Okka is suitable for anyone who wishes to be close to the Nordic nature, feel the harmony, and enjoy the peace.