1. How to clean the panel from dust?

The dust tests have shown that the dust accumulation to the panels is minimal. The lamb felt used in acoustic panels is antistatic and therefore it repels the dust. In addition, the bearing surface of pine needles is so small, that the dust will not stay there. If however, after a long period of time, the purification is required, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a soft tip.

2. How much does the panel weigh?

The acoustic panel weighs 14 kg per square meter and the decorative panel weighs 7 kg per square meter

3. What is the diameter of the panel?

The minimum diameter of acoustic panel is 9 cm, and the minimum diameter of the decorative panel is 4 cm.

4. How do the colors of the panels withstand the UV radiation?

We use only UV resistant paint for our panels, so the colors wouldn’t get affected.

5. Whether and how are the panels framed?

According to customer’s wish, we will place the panels in aluminum or thermo ash frames. If necessary, the panels can also be installed on the wall without the frames so that several panels can be connected to each other seamlessly.6.

6. Is it possible to add lights to the panels?

Yes, LED-lighting can be added to the panels to bring out the pine needles texture. The spots where to install the lights, can be added to the custom made panels.

7. What sizes and shapes panels can be made?

To simplify the decision-making process, we have different standard sizes that should fit in most situations. But we also accept special orders in which the panels can be made in any shape and size. To find out the needs of the acoustic panel for a certain room, we recommend to make measurements. If needed, we can make these measurements ourselves.

8. How to install the panel?

All the necessary attaching equipment and the installing instruction come along with the standard panels. We take care of the installation of the custom made panels ourselves.

9. What to do when the panel is damaged?

The damaged part can be replaced. If the damage is extensive, it is easier to replace the entire panel.